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Architecture and Engineering Design Consultancy



Architectural Design

Structural Engineering

Civil Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

  • HVAC

  • Plumbing

Electrical Engineering

  • Power

  • ELV


Projects Types:

  • Residential Developments

  • Hospitality Developments

  • Mixed-Use Developments

  • Commercial / Office Developments

  • Industrial Developments

  • Educational / R&D Facilities

  • Healthcare Facilities

  • Parks and Recreational Facilities


You understand your customer: The homeowner, the retailer, the researcher, and the public. You know what’s important to them and how to serve their needs. We’re the same.

We understand your needs: Speed, Cost-Efficiency, Accuracy, Responsiveness, and Creative Problem-Solving.

Incorporating a variety of architectural and engineering design disciplines, V3 possesses the expertise to understand the true potential locked within your project. These services are enhanced by our mastery of variables such as current design trends, regulations, environmental influences, and municipal requirements. Bringing V3 in at an early stage helps you better define your objectives and reduce your costs. Critical issues are addressed in an appropriate sequence that provides innovative, cost-efficient design. Our knowledge and experience ensure that your goals are accurately assessed and confidently achieved.


Our portfolio includes projects from a few thousand to millions of square meters. No matter the size or complexity we know all projects present unique design issues that require creative solutions. As a result, we give every project the same care and attention to detail.

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