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SHUAA Capital

Scope of Services:
  • Design Consultation
  • Engineering Design Consultation
  • Codes and Standards compliance reviews
  • Utility providers' coordination
  • FLS drawings review and Civil Defense approvals


The subject plot's location is in close proximity to the commercial and retail hub of the district, making it a suitable location for a high-end Strip Mall. The proposed mall will include multiple high-end F&B avenues to cater to the demand of the relatively under-serviced neighboring residents (of Irqah & Khozama). As the surrounding areas are experiencing an increase in development and residents moving in, the footfall is sure to increase rapidly over the next few years.


The central courtyard/alley/walkway of the strip mall is envisioned to be partially open to provide a blended experience of a semi Open-air ambiance to visitors who expect to dine in the outdoor seating. Each avenue's outdoor seating area is to be segregated by plantation and water elements that maintain the exclusivity of the F&B avenue as well as enhance the overall look of the circulation area.

Shuaa Plot A Mall.jpg
Shuaa Plot A Mall1.jpg
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