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King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST) 
Design Management,  Project Management, Supervision
The KACST master plan is defined as an innovative and creative world-class research organization with multiple facilities. The objective of this project is to develop a comprehensive campus for the physical assets that will support KACST mission, plans, history and create a world class research institution. The Campus development plan will describe and justify the function size location, cost and sequence of development of new facilities and the reassignment of existing facilities, and the enhancement of the public realm.
Biotech Research Facility
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Design, Project Management, Construction Management & Supervision
Biotechnology Research Centre Building comprises of Core Facilities, Lab Support, Offices, Ancillary Spaces, and External Facilities. The facility has meeting rooms, reception areas file and archive rooms, storage areas, prayer hall, cafeteria, as well as separate open private offices for the various departments within the administrative section. The building is limited to 4 stories in height, in addition to a basement level.
Cleanroom at The National Center for Nanotechnology 
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Design, Project Management, Supervision Services
The Cleanroom at the National Center for NANO Technology consists of three (3) two-storey buildings “Bldg 33, 33A and 33B”. This group of buildings are located in the centre of the KACST campus, in vicinity of other operational buildings. 
Aeronautics Core Labs and Composite Aero-Structure Factory 
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 
Architectural and Engineering Consultancy Services 
This complex will include Aeronautics Core Labs, Composite Aeronautics Components Manufacturing Plant, associated office spaces, meeting rooms and common areas, as well as a separately built Storage Warehouse.
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