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Corporate Headquarters & Business Park
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Project Management, Construction Management & Supervision 

The Zahid Business Park is a mixed use development which will house the headquarters of the Zahid Group as well as their many subsidiaries including Caterpillar and Zahid Tractor. The Business Park encompasses 120 acres of land with a build-out of over 1,600,000 SF of space. The park contains high-rise Class A office towers, industrial warehousing and manufacturing, research and laboratories, housing, vocational training center, water filtration plant and sewage plant. 

Bakery and Juice Plant 
Rabigh, Saudi Arabia 
Architecture and Engineering design consultancy services  

A complex of factories at the King Abdullah Economic City (KAEC) in Rabigh on a plot with an approximate area of 462,000 square meters.  This complex will include Juice, Bakery and Processed Cheese factories executed in phases, as well as residential buildings, offices, and warehouses. 

Almarai KAP 14 
Rabigh, Saudi Arabia 
Architecture and Engineering design consultancy services Supervision 
This project is a raw material storage facilities for Al Marai at King Abdullah Port Processing and Services Zone (PSZ), in Rabigh, KSA. The proposed land area of the raw material facilities is about 34,830 m² and it will consist mainly of following buildings and components:
Amiantit Pipe Factories 
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Construction Management Supervision

The project consists of polyethylene pipe factory and fiberglass pipe factory including all the supporting buildings situated on a 350, 000 m² piece of property with a total built up area of 23, 200 m².
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