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Municipal Consulting 

Attention to Detail.  Communications.  Reliability.

When things go wrong, you hear about it. With so much at stake – public trust and support, continued funding, community livability and quality of life – you deserve to have the best support for your efforts. That’s why you need V3 in your corner. You can expect superior project management, attention to detail, effective communications and unwavering reliability from the V3 team.
We add value by combining innovative design solutions with the necessary practicalities of budget constraints and construction requirements. Our engineers are accustomed to presenting design solutions at statutory authority meetings and responding to their comments and concerns in a succinct, professional manner. V3’s extensive experience in all facets of municipal engineering assures you successful projects and long-lasting relationships, a fact supported by our long list of repeat clients. At V3, we focus on having things go right.


Project Management and Construction Supervision

Capable.  Flexible.  Knowledgeable.

Never lose focus on the end objective: Along with effective communication, that’s the key to effective construction and program management. Working closely with you from project inception to close-out, V3 delivers in a timely, cost-effective manner. We anticipate the unforeseen issues, solve problems before they sidetrack your efforts, assign and manage projected costs, and provide highly proactive service. These are just a few of the value- added components we bring to your program. But because it’s not a perfect world, V3 excels at responding effectively to field conditions that deviate from original plans and assumptions. We have a long track record of bringing challenged projects back on   course ... and providing the best solutions regardless of the delivery system you require.


You understand your customer: the homeowner, the retailer, the researcher, and the general public. You know what’s important to them and how to serve their needs. We’re the same. We understand your needs: speed, cost-efficiency, accuracy, responsiveness, creative problem solving.
Incorporating a variety of architectural and engineering design disciplines, V3 possesses the expertise to understand the true potential locked within your project. These services are enhanced by our mastery of variables such as current design trends, regulations, environmental influences and municipal requirements.
Bringing V3 in at an early stage helps you better define your objectives and reduce your costs. Critical issues are addressed in an appropriate sequence that provides innovative, cost-efficient design. Our knowledge and experience ensure that your goals are accurately assessed and confidently achieved.
Our portfolio includes projects from a few thousand to millions of square meters. No matter the size or complexity we know all projects present unique design issues that require creative solutions. As a result, we give every project the same care and attention to detail.

Architecture and Engineering Design Consultancy

Insight.  Understanding.  Partnership.


Sustainable Design and Construction

Innovative .  Informed.  Integrated. 

Green development, sustainable development, carbon-neutral development, LEED-certified construction: Whatever you call it, the emphasis on sustainable- sensitive development is undeniably growing. 
When you need to advance sustainable goals, turn to V3. We can take the lead on your project or work with your team in a fully integrated manner. 
You’ll find that the broad scope of our services allows us to address all of your sustainable site needs. Whether advising you how to best achieve sustainable certifications or developing effective, natural techniques to help treat stormwater or wastewater – or even finding sources of water – V3 engineers and scientists have the expertise to get the project done. Our environmental scientists can help you to truly assess the pros and cons of your property’s redevelopment potential ... and our construction management team can oversee the implementation of any naturalized site component. 
If you’re seeking practical, results-based counsel that’s centered on leading- edge sustainable development practices, look no further than V3. 


Water resources mean many things to many people. It can be stormwater conveyance, floodplain management, water quality or supply, erosion control, wastewater treatment or sustainable design solutions. In this diversity of definitions, one constant remains: your need to supply, treat, convey and control water efficiently and effectively. 

And that’s where V3 fits in, creating solutions that stay one step ahead of your needs. From managing stormwater to creating treatment wetlands to getting your project permitted, V3’s technical excellence is delivered with an approach that matches your objectives ... whether that requires creative ingenuity or practical applications of proven methods. 

Plus, there’s an added benefit when you team with our experts in wetlands and ecology, surveying, civil engineering and construction management. The synergy that results from having a multi-disciplined team look at your project from a variety of viewpoints creates cost effective solutions to water-related issues. You can rest assured that when you work with V3 water will enhance your project’s value, not detract from it.

Water Resources

Focused. Pragmatic. Responsive.


Geoscience Services

Detection. Innovation. Pragmatism.

Natural resources: They’re a part of any project, and the focus of some. When your needs encompass detecting, evaluating, monitoring or extracting natural resources, you require experienced consultation. You need an innovative team member who’s part scientist, part detective, part business advisor.
At V3, we’ve worn all these hats for decades. We consider your needs, objectives and limitations, and formulate custom strategies to achieve your goals. Whether your projects involve groundwater, mining, soil and land stability, or stream restoration, our Geoscience Team has the real- world experience and versatility to help you meet your objectives.
By their very nature, natural resource issues are complex and approaches to them can pose special risks. They may be out of sight, but they can have a huge impact on your project. That’s why we’re diligent in identifying unforeseen and costly issues early in the process ... and formulating practical, cost-effective solutions to minimize the impacts they might have on the success of your project.
From locating water sources to meeting mining and development challenges to restoring natural areas, turn to a detective who’s been on the case for years. 


Knowledge in action: That’s the key to making sense of the science behind wetlands and ecological projects. And that’s often the difference between your projects moving forward or getting twisted in the maze of regulations and scientific theory of wetland and ecological practices.

Employing results-focused approaches to science, policy, permitting, design and implementation, V3 can address projects of all types and sizes. We serve as the bridge between you and the regulatory bodies that control these components of your project, communicating clearly the implications of site conditions and regulations on your plans. When you need a turn-key operation – from design and build stages through management and monitoring – you’ll find that we excel at providing coordinated, cost-effective strategies.

We also know how to balance aesthetics and economics to create solutions that enhance both your project and your profits. From identifying feasibility issues to planning, planting and managing sites that achieve design, ecological and cost objectives, our scientists take one  of the most complex components of development and manage it efficiently and effectively.

Wetland & Ecology

Informed.  Committed.  Results Focused.


Survey and Mapping

Accuracy. Accountability. Responsiveness.

Your project hinges on starting with an accurate understanding of existing conditions. An error here means you’ll lose time and value … often when you can least afford it.

That’s why V3 employs state-of-the-art equipment and techniques, highly- trained crews, and an acute understanding of boundary law and title issues. We’ll deliver precise results under an array of conditions with exacting documents that form the backbone of your land development process.

And we truly act as your partner. You’ll be informed of your job’s status and the conditions that impact your site quickly and clearly.

When it comes to surveying, your demands  for  accuracy, accountability and responsiveness should be high. At V3, we share  those standards … and we’ve built our surveying  practice  around them.

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