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Geoscience Services


Geology and Hydrogeology:

  • Characterization and Investigation

  • Prospecting, Mapping and Monitoring

Mine Resource Evaluation, Permitting and Water Handling Consulting

Potable, Irrigation and Industrial Water Supply:

  • Locating and Design Services

  • Driller Contracting Management

  • Authority Approvals

Aquifer Analysis:

  • Recharge, Drawdown, Impact and Sustainability Modeling

  • Pump, Slug and Water Quality Tests


  • Contamination Assessment

  • Transport Modeling and Remediation

  • Geomorphology and Hydrology

  • Natural Area Restoration

  • Landslide Investigation

  • Natural Disaster Susceptibility Evaluation

  • Terrain Assessment, Remote Sensing and GIS

  • Geology and Drill Log Databases

  • Expert Witness Services

  • Complete Water-Related Issue Investigations Analyses


Natural Resources: They’re a part of any project and the focus of some. When your needs encompass detecting, evaluating, monitoring, or extracting natural resources, you require experienced consultation. You need an innovative team member who’s part scientist, part detective, and part business advisor.


At V3, we’ve worn all these hats for decades. We consider your needs, objectives, and limitations, and formulate custom strategies to achieve your goals. Whether your projects involve groundwater, mining, soil, and land stability, or stream restoration, our Geoscience Team has the real-world experience and versatility to help you meet your objectives.


By their very nature, natural resource issues are complex, and approaches to them can pose special risks. They may be out of sight, but they can have a huge impact on your project. That’s why we’re diligent in identifying unforeseen and costly issues early in the process and formulating practical, cost-effective solutions to minimize the impacts they might have on the success of your project.


From locating water sources to meeting mining and development challenges to restoring natural areas, turn to a detective who’s been on the case for years.

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