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Natlonal Housing Company

Scope of Services:
  • Site Supervision Services
  • Codes and standards compliance reviews
  • Utility providers' coordination
  • FLS drawings review and Civil Defense approvals


The desired outcome of the Innovation Park is to showcase innovative methods of construction (MMC of FMC) in the real-life application and targeted an audience that wants to familiarize themselves with choices they may want to make for their own housing, in line with those visiting interactive science museums (innovation hub center). This area will be open to public access and wants to become a center of attraction for business users, families, and youth, where to spend time and live a value-enriching experience.

In particular, the objectives of the Innovation Park are to:

  • Showcase forward-looking construction technologies that can be brought to Saudi Arabia.

  • Educate the general construction ecosystem (i.e. citizens, developers, contractors, institutions), local and international, on futuristic construction methodologies.

  • Orchestrate an engaging theme park that can be leveraged during construction execution and after finalization.

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