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Jeddah Municipality

Scope of Services:
  • Design and construction supervision services in all engineering disciplines, as well as administrative and management responsibilities, like generation of investment and design guidelines, generation of RFP’s, proposals analysis and recommendations, contract administration and management, claim management, QA/QC, planning and schedule management, management of potential investors, management of pre-contract stages, securing bonds, monitor investors’ compliance, market the municipality’s plans and plan future projects.


The project consists of the provision of consultancy services in management and engineering for the government-owned plots under the jurisdiction of Jeddah Municipality. The number of sites is approximately 4000, with sizes ranging from 100 sqm up to 55,000 sqm. Examples of structures built on these plots are telecommunication towers, 10,000 CUM/ Day desalination plants, restaurants, commercial buildings, offices, resorts and hotels, residential units, and multi-level parking buildings. Our services also included the following surveying services:

  • Field Topography Surveying and Mapping and Respective Report.

  • GIS Data integration with Municipality Database Server.

  • Surveying Plans Production and Field Stakeout.

  • Surveying for Investment Plots and adjacent utilities.

  • Database Design for Land Use Investment.

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