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Diriyah Gate Development Authority

Scope of Services:
  • Authority approvals
  • Codes and standards compliance reviews
  • Utility providers' coordination
  • FLS drawings review and Civil Defense approvals


Diriyah Gate Development Authority (DGDA), a public authority, has been tasked with preserving the historic Diriyah district of Riyadh while developing its surroundings along a heritage and traditional theme.

The new development is in the western district of Riyadh, KSA, and is expected to become a center for history, heritage, and culture at regional and national scale, with the UNESCO world heritage listed mud construction district of Atturaif, whose structures formed the origins of the House of Saud from the 1700s.

King Salman University, located in the heart of the Northern Cultural District in Diriyah Gate, is a pre-eminent institution for higher learning. The campus is designed to honor Saudi Arabian heritage and culture while advancing the mission and vision of the nation through education and knowledge.

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