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MiSK City Company

Scope of Services:
  • Authority approvals
  • Codes and standards compliance reviews
  • Utility providers' coordination
  • FLS drawings review and Civil Defense approvals


The Misk Schools Campus at Misk City will be the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s exemplary education project for the next decade.

The Misk Schools are an existing Kindergarten to Grade 12 (K-12) School that has its current facility in Riyadh city center. It serves as its catchment for the elite families of the Kingdom and due to this will play a critical role in forming the future leaders of Saudi Arabia.

The educational offer provided by Misk Schools will be enhanced by the construction of a new Misk School Campus within Misk City that has its core ambition to be one of the world’s top 20 schools.

The new Misk School Campus facilities will provide a world-class learning environment for the students who attend it that is unrivaled in its design and facilities, constructed on a 216,454 m2 plot that borders the wadi as well as the primary Boulevard through Misk City.

MiSK Schools 1.jpg
MiSK Schools 2.jpg
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