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Sustainable Design Services 


  • LEED Certification Consulting

  • Entitlement and Zoning Consulting

  • Conservation Design

  • Context Sensitive Design Solutions

  • Sustainable Site Civil Design Solutions

  • Eco-System Design Solutions

  • Sustainable Water Resource Design

  • Environmental Studies and Assessments

  • Brownfield Redevelopment Analysis and Implementation

  • Lifecycle Costing Analysis

  • Sustainable Construction Services

  • Natural Area and Greenway Management


Green Development, Sustainable Development, Carbon-Neutral Development, LEED-Certified Construction: Whatever you call it, the emphasis on sustainable-sensitive development is undeniably growing. When you need to advance sustainable goals, turn to V3.


We can take the lead on your project or work with your team in a fully integrated manner. You’ll find that the broad scope of our services allows us to address all your sustainable site needs. Whether advising you on how to best achieve sustainable certifications or developing effective, natural techniques to help treat stormwater or wastewater – or even finding sources of water – V3 engineers and scientists have the expertise to get the project done. Our environmental scientists can help you to truly assess the pros and cons of your property’s redevelopment potential and our construction management team can oversee the implementation of any naturalized site component. If you’re seeking practical, results-based counsel that's centered on leading-edge sustainable development practices, look no further than V3.

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