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Royal Commission Of Riyadh City

Scope of Services:
  • Authority approvals
  • Codes and standards compliance reviews
  • Utility providers' coordination
  • FLS drawings review and Civil Defense approvals


The First Digitally Driven Park Al Urubah Park is the first project related to the territorial strategy for the development of the Green Riyadh, and it is part of a true green network that helps to rebalance the ecosystem of the city, and positively affect􀆟ing the environment. The location of Al Urubah Park appears to be of strategic interest due to its surrounding areas and connections. The Park, in fact, is placed only 3 Km away from the future green center of the city: King Salman Park. Moreover, it is located along the main N-S and W-E arterial roads of Riyadh, King Fahd Road, and Makkah Al Mukarramah Road. through Urubah Rd at West which is well connected to the natural and green belt of Wadi Alysen. In our vision, Al Urubah Park becomes an urban centrality capable to interlace connections with the surrounding network of the City, intercept􀆟ng nature through digitalization. We are creating the first digitally driven park worldwide, a place where people can experience nature in an innovative way. The Park concept starts from the interpretation of the Riyadh context, which is characterized by two main elements: the urban grid and the wadis. The site blooms at the convergence of these two systems, and Al Urubah Park will be the place where people meet nature.

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